Mur­der Mys­tery: Suzi Naka­mu­ra’s Per­sol Sun­glass­es

    Character:  Suzi Naka­mu­ra

    Actor: Sh­i­oli Kut­suna

    Movie: Mur­der Mys­tery

    Item: Per­sol Sun­glass­es

    Where to Buy: amazon

    Price: $219.99


    • CROOKED!- No they aren’t. Glasses may look crooked on the wearer when they are, in fact, perfectly straight. They are designed with flexible parts, to allow for fitting to your unique face shape.
    • Imported- Made in Italy
    • metal frame
    • gradient lens
    • non-polarized
    • Lens width: 51 millimeters
    • Lens height: 42 millimeters

    Worn With: NA

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