Henri is a middle-aged writer in crisis: married and father of four children, he obtained, many years ago, an editorial success that he has never repeated again. Just at a time when he assesses of his life, an enormous gray dog, impolite and smelly, sneaks into Henri's house. Despite the attempts of the whole family to throw him out, and that his wife's unconditional love begin to falter, this dog, whom they decide to call "Stupid," is going to become Henri's best friend.
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Mon Chien Stupide: Gaspard’s Aloha T Shirt


    Character: Gas­pard Mo­hen

    Actor: Panay­otis Pas­cot

    Movie: Mon Chien Stupide

    Item: Hawaii Symbol T Shirt

    Where to Buy: Amazon

    Price: n/a

    Description: Hawaii Hand Symbol T Shirt

    Worn With:

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