The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Gwen’s dorm concert poster


    • Character: Gwen Stacy
    • Actor: Emma Stone
    • Movie: The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    • Item: custom made concert poster for Lykke Li
    • Where To Buy:

      The props department deep dove for this photo! The posts I found were from blogs in 2008! I couldn’t find a source, but I’m guessing that it’s IG. Lykke posts a lot of black and white photos as well as wig photos and photoshoot outtakes. It didn’t appear in photoshoot searches or magazine articles. If you find it please let me know!

      This poster says on the left that Lykke Li will have a concert in “Central Park, Manhattan” that took place in the first week of August 2017 (according to the top right text). The idea is probably that Gwen attending this concert considering she has concert posters in the first and second movies in her room, particularly because this concert was local. The movie also premiered in 2017 and when Gwen was writing this letter it was a year later (A.G. explained this in an interview) so it was technically 2018.

      You can’t buy this custom made prop, but can easily make a replication.

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