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Barbie: Barbie’s BB logo perfume


    • Character: Barbie Handler
    • Actor: Margot Robbie
    • Movie: Barbie
    • Item: custom made Barbie BB glass perfume bottle
    • Where To Buy:

      Custom made by the props department, the perfume bottle is clearly based on Chanel with the CC logo style, one “B” facing right and one facing left. This “B” is specifically the text designed for the 2023 movie.

      The bottle is a combination of various bottles since “Eau de Perfume” is a particular No 5. version as is the clearer perfume so as to see through the bottle.

      Barbie has released multiple perfumes, including it’s own style of the No. 5 famous glass tumbler (pictured above) look as well as an “Eau de toilette” perfume (pictured below).

      Barbie Fashion Girl by Mattel -

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