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Barbie: Barbie’s pink pool umbrella with white trim

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    • Character: Barbie
    • Actor: Margot Robbie
    • Movie: Barbie
    • Item: Santa Barbara Designs Double Decker style pool umbrella in PS Modern Style w/Natural Braid Trim
    • Where To Buy:

      Santa Barbara Designs pool umbrella customized in Double Decker style in “PS Modern Style” in tropical pink canvas with”Natural Braid Trim” in white.

      The set crew swapped out the topper for a white sphere and base to a white adjustable 4 peg bottom (those are not available as a base on the shop)

      Here’s an example of the the store’s pink:

    • Description: The playful umbrella frame is cleverly fabricated into two levels, constructed of sturdy aluminum, safeguarded from corrosion with a special Chem Film® conversion coating. Select from eight powder coat colors.
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